All resources around us count. How efficiently we make use of them impacts our world today, and tomorrow.

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Macau Refuse

Efficient electricity generation reaches Macau: ECOVE works closely with the local government to recover resources for energy.

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Miaoli Energy-

Achieving Efficiency and protecting ecosystems in Miaoli.

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Tainan Science Park Resource Recycling Center

ECOVE provides a comprehensive industrial waste solution for the clients to achieve the goals of both industrial economy and sustainable development of the environment.

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Lumberton Photovoltaic
Power Plant

ECOVE’s photovoltaic power plant generates electricity for the eastern coast of the United States, expanding the global supply of renewable energy.

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ECOVE Environment Corporation is a resource management services provider that assists public and private entities in Taiwan, Macau, Mainland China, Southeast Asia, India and the USA.


We help in the financing, planning, construction, operations and maintenance of EfW plants.

Photovoltaic Power

We help in the financing, planning, construction, operations and maintenance of Photovoltaic Power plants.


We oversee the development, operations and maintenance of resource reclamation and treatment plants.

Latest News / Awards


ECOVE honored with “Technology Contribution Award” from CTCI Foundation

ECOVE, Taiwan’s leading resource cycling services provider, dedicates to improve resource cycling efficiency, and offer tailor- made solutions to waste treatment. A good example is to be honored with “Technology Contribution Award" from CTCI Foundation for providing with safe, high-efficiency, and stably operating services in the industry.

Since 2003, ECOVE has been operating Tainan Science Park Resource Recycling Center (hereinafter referred to as “the Center”), a comprehensive hazardous and special waste treatment plant, the engineering design, planning, and construction work of which implemented by ECOVE’s mother company, CTCI Corp., and ran without any unscheduled shutdown or work accident for 15 consecutive years. For this O&M project, ECOVE applies technical knowhow to advance efficiencies and provide total solution to hazardous and special waste treatment, including incineration, solidification, physicochemical treatment, and landfill. After taking over the plant, ECOVE has been actively creating an ecological environment for the Center and has won the“ROC Enterprise Environmental Protection Award-- Silver Award”for the third consecutive year. With effective O&M service, ECOVE has played an indispensable role in making the Tainan Science Park industry chain staying focused on R&D and production works to enhance productivity to the nation.

Founded in 1959, CTCI Foundation commits itself to introducing cutting-edge knowledge of science and technology, cultivating scientific talents, and promoting prosperity. To celebrate its 60th anniversary and recognize individuals and groups making significant contributions to the country, the Foundation organized a "Science and Technology Contribution Award" with award ceremony held on October 4.

The project team, consists of 9 ECOVE employees, has decided to devote the proceeds (NTD$200,000) to CTCI Education Foundation for supporting engineering education, talent cultivation, and sustainable environment.

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Latest CSR Activity


ECOVE Evaluated as Top 5% in the” Corporate Governance Evaluation System” for Five Successive Years

Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TWSE) and Taipei Exchange (TPEx) announced the 2018Corporate Governance Evaluation Results. ECOVE were evaluated as top 5% of the 1,554 TWSE listed companies and the TPEx listed companies.

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Feature Publication


Creating a Circular Taiwan

Even though Taiwan has gained a global reputation for excellent recycling, attaining the position as the world's second-best recycler,[i] a staggering seven million tons of waste fail to be reintroduced into the supply chain every year. In order to better utilize global resources, Taiwan, along with other environmental leaders, has included principles of the circular economy in its national development model.