All resources around us count. How efficiently we make use of them impacts our world today, and tomorrow.

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Macau Refuse

Efficient electricity generation reaches Macau: ECOVE works closely with the local government to recover resources for energy.

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Miaoli Energy-

Achieving Efficiency and protecting ecosystems in Miaoli.

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Tainan Science Park Resource Recycling Center

ECOVE provides a comprehensive industrial waste solution for the clients to achieve the goals of both industrial economy and sustainable development of the environment.

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Lumberton Photovoltaic
Power Plant

ECOVE’s photovoltaic power plant generates electricity for the eastern coast of the United States, expanding the global supply of renewable energy.

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ECOVE Environment Corporation is a resource management services provider that assists public and private entities in Taiwan, Macau, Mainland China, Southeast Asia, India and the USA.


We help in the financing, planning, construction, operations and maintenance of EfW plants.

Photovoltaic Power

We help in the financing, planning, construction, operations and maintenance of Photovoltaic Power plants.


We oversee the development, operations and maintenance of resource reclamation and treatment plants.

Latest News / Awards


ECOVE Receives National Enterprise Environmental Protection Awards for Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

ECOVE is pleased to announce that it has received two gold awards from Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) for sustainability commitments and the environmental contributions of two Energy-from-Waste (EfW) plants, operated and maintained by its subsidiaries. The recognition, or the 2nd National Enterprise Environmental Protection Awards (previously the Enterprise Environmental Protection Award of R.O.C., Taiwan), go to Keelung EfW Plant, operated by ECOVE Environment Services Corporation (ECOVE ESC), and Miaoli EfW Plant, operated by ECOVE Miaoli Energy Corporation (ECOVE MEC).

Notably, this is the third consecutive year in which Keelung EfW Plant has been awarded silver award or above (2018-2020) and was thus also awarded an Honorary Environmental Protection Enterprise Trophy and the Green Action Award. On behalf of all the award-winning corporations, ECOVE ESC received the honor from President Ing-Wen Tsai.

The National Enterprise Environmental Protection Awards are the highest honor for Taiwanese enterprises in terms of corporate social responsibility promotion and environmental protection performance. Selection process took many stages, including group review, site surveys, preliminary selection, and final selection— all carried out by experts and scholars. Well-performing enterprises are publicly commended.

Operated by ECOVE ESC, Keelung EfW Plant is fully certified as an Environmental Education Facility, which actively promotes environmental education by holding more than 90 environmental education sessions in 2019, joined by nearly 2,000 students. Moreover, the plant is decorated with installation art pieces made from marine waste, which not only reduces the direct entry of marine waste into the plant, but also promotes public awareness of the harm to oceans brought by plastics, as well as the need to reduce plastic consumption in daily life and at source.

Since 2018, Keelung EfW Plant has launched a three-year program called “One Factory, One Footprint: Continuous Environmental Education” in collaboration with CTCI Education Foundation. The goal is to promote environmental education in schools, telling schoolchildren about sustainable lifestyle, hoping to spread the impact to their families, as well as neighborhoods and society more generally, thereby helping to maintain our beautiful living environment.

After winning the Gold Award last year, the ECOVE MEC-run Miaoli EfW Plant continues to strive for excellence and challenge itself. Measures include: upgrade and improve the software and hardware of the automatic weighing system, and incorporate technologies such as smart plants to enhance resource cycling efficiency. Moreover, the plant has supported EPA’s product carbon footprint critical review system, took part in the product carbon footprint labeling program, successfully renewed its labeling, and thereby became the first EfW plant in Taiwan to pass such critical review on product carbon footprint.

The plant has also been certified as a five-star “environmental education institutions, facilities, and venues.” It encourages people to follow United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), carries out environmental education courses, holds site tours, and keeps encouraging people to have good habits, such as waste sorting and waste reduction at source. In all, the goal is to ingrain environmental protection awareness into people’s daily lives.

ECOVE will continue to uphold the vision of “becoming the most reliable provider of industry-leading resource cycling services,” set environmental goals for carbon reduction, water saving, power saving, and waste reduction. In addition, it will pursue “maximizing the efficiency of every resource,” in hopes of making the greatest contributions to the economy, society, and the environment.

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Latest CSR Activity


SINOGAL Joins “Walk for Millions 2019” Activity to Solicit Donations for Macau Charities

SINOGAL-Waste Service Corporation, a joint venture of the industry-leading resource cycling services provider ECOVE, actively participated in community collaboration and made generous response to “Walk for Millions 2019” charity for funds. Peter Wang, now the president of SINOGAL, and colleagues took to Macau streets and appealed to the public for donating to the local communities.

Established in Macau in 2009, SINOGAL, a joint venture of ECOVE with CTCI, Consulgal Group and Consulasia, is the sole entity responsible for operation and maintenance(O&M) of the Macau Refuse Incineration Plant. In 2010, SINOGAL partnered with ECOVE in a joint venture to provide O&M services for the Macau Hazardous Waste Treatment Plant. With the public spirit, taking from society and giving back to society, ECOVE and SINOGAL will actively engage in Macao charitable causes to benefit local people, give back to the society, and seek mutual prosperity.

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Feature Publication


Creating a Circular Taiwan

Even though Taiwan has gained a global reputation for excellent recycling, attaining the position as the world's second-best recycler,[i] a staggering seven million tons of waste fail to be reintroduced into the supply chain every year. In order to better utilize global resources, Taiwan, along with other environmental leaders, has included principles of the circular economy in its national development model.