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ECOVE (TPEx: 6803) — an affiliate of CTCI, a global engineering services provider — is an environmental services provider specializing in Energy-from-Waste (EfW), waste management, wastewater recycling, solar power and PET recycling. Founded in the midst of Taiwan’s waste crisis in 1994, we quickly became a leader in effective waste management and resource recovery. With our main focus on recovering more value from otherwise wasted resources, we have continuously increased efficiency across our EfW, solar power, and recycling plants. Public and private entities in Taiwan, Macau, mainland China, Southeast Asia, India and the United States have trusted ECOVE for environmental services in operations and maintenance, consulting, and investment and development.

Taipei, Taiwan
Country Markets
Public and private entities: Greater China, South East Asia, India and the USA.
Operations and Maintenance, Consulting, Investment and Development

Resource Cycling Efficiency™

For over twenty years we have continuously worked to improve efficiency in the recovery, reuse and recycling of natural and manmade resources. We are at the forefront of advancing this process, known as Resource Cycling EfficiencyTM. At ECOVE, we don’t settle at just resource recovery— since 1994, we have consistently improved operational efficiency to recover ever more electricity from valuable waste, generating almost 30% more electricity per ton of waste in 2016 than in 1995. Staying true to our commitment to Resource Cycling EfficiencyTM, we have expanded into solar energy, PET recycling, and wastewater recycling — constantly working to improve efficiency in cycling our planet’s valuable resources.

Active participation in national/regional agenda and policy

We actively participate with local and national governments and policymakers, bringing important insight from hands-on experience in energy-from-waste technology, solars, and PET recycling to discussions on efficiently managing resources. We encourage knowledge sharing with both government and industry leaders in environmental services, ensuring the most recent technologies and innovations are available to relevant parties. In doing so, we are able to foster long-term, cooperative relationships, guide effective resource management policy, and improve efficiency all across the industry.

Intelligent Data-Driven Operational Systems

The intelligent data-driven operational systems used in all our energy-from-waste plants are the most effective tools we have to improve efficiency across our operations. By collecting and analyzing billions of data points every day, we adjust each component of our operation on a daily basis to gradually increase overall efficiency. Our data analyzes every individual aspect of our operation — each incremental increase further advances productivity and performance, and moves us ever closer to making optimum use of the planet’s resources. We have also created a knowledge database with information on troubleshooting, best practices, as well as general knowledge and skill. This allows our team to stay up to date on the most recent information about our projects, further increasing operational efficiencies.

Community Collaboration and Contribution

In adhering to environmentally sound business practices, we ensure a safe and healthy living environment for the communities surrounding our facilities. By carefully monitoring and supervising environmental indicators such as air and water quality, we avoid negatively impacting neighboring communities and ecological zones. Furthermore, we organize educational events on resource management and environmental sustainability for our local communities. At ECOVE, we believe it’s important to share knowledge with our community and teach the importance of using resources efficiently, to ensure resources continue to be available for everyone—well into the future.

These elements fuel ECOVE’s drive to realize utmost efficiency in resource cycling and provide resource management services the world can rely on. Learn more about our belief that Every Resource Counts.

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ECOVE Company Introductions

ECOVE is comprised of divisions, project companies and affiliates that work together to advance resource efficiency.

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  • ECOVE Environment Corporation
    ECOVE Environment Corporation (TPEx: 6803) — an affiliate of CTCI, a global engineering services provider — is a resource management service provider specializing in energy-from-waste, waste management, resource recycling, solar power, and industrial waste and wastewater treatment markets. Established in Taipei, Taiwan, in 1999, ECOVE serves public and private entities across Greater China, Southeast Asia, India and the USA. The company’s services include operations and maintenance, consulting, and investment and development of Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP).

  • ECOVE Environment Services Corporation
    ECOVE Environment Services Corporation, established in 1994 in Taipei, Taiwan, is a majority owned affiliate of ECOVE Environment Corporation and specializes in the management of large-scale environment resource management facilities such as waste-to-energy plants, hazardous and special waste treatment plants, and water & wastewater treatment centers. The company also provides technical services for mechanical, electrical and power plant equipment, and for mechatronic systems and equipment used in transport operations.

  • ECOVE Waste Management Corporation
    ECOVE Waste Management Corporation, a unit of ECOVE Environment Corporation, is a Class A provider of waste removal and disposal services for the Taiwan market. Founded in 2001, the company is a specialist in all aspects of waste management, including waste collection, disposal and treatment, removal of waste incineration residues, and other related services.

  • ECOVE Environment Consulting Corporation
    ECOVE Environment Consulting Corporation, established in Shanghai in 2013, is an affiliate of ECOVE Environment Corporation that specializes in consultancy and supervisory services for environmental resource projects in China. As of 2017, the company held 8 projects under management, primarily serving the energy-from-waste market and services related to waste disposal and waste treatment.

  • ECOVE Solar Energy Corporation
    ECOVE Solar Energy Corporation, founded in 2011, was a Taiwan-based joint venture between ECOVE and Gintech Energy Corporation and has been a fully owned subsidiary of ECOVE since September 2018. ECOVE Solar Energy Corporation possesses extensive experience of investment, development, construction, and operation of solar power plants in Taiwan as well as overseas markets, including 100% ownership and operation of the Lumberton Solar Project in New Jersey, the USA.

  • ECOVE Solvent Recycling Corporation
    ECOVE Solvent Recycling Corporation provides resource recycling service such as concentrates low concentration waste solvent from the semiconductor industries to reuse in the industrial process.

  • ECOVE Wujih Energy Corporation
    ECOVE Wujih Energy, established in 2000, is a special-purpose entity invested by ECOVE Environment Corporation, responsible for the investment, development, construction and operation of the Taichung County Wujih Energy-for-Waste plant in Taichung City, Taiwan. Its scope of services include installation, operation, maintenance and upgrade of co-generation equipment, plant waste removal and disposal, and other related environmental services.

  • ECOVE Miaoli Energy Corporation
    ECOVE Miaoli Energy, established in 2002, is a special-purpose entity invested by ECOVE Environment Corporation responsible for the investment, development, construction and operation of the Miaoli County Energy-for-Waste plant in Northern Taiwan. The entity's scope of services include installation, operation, maintenance and upgrade of co-generation equipment, plant waste removal and disposal, and other related environmental services.

  • Sinogal - Waste Services Co., Ltd.
    Sinogal - Waste Services Co., Ltd., established in Macao in 2009, is a joint venture between Taiwan’s CTCI and ECOVE Environment Corporation, and Consulasia, a subsidiary of Portugal’s Consulgal Group. The company is the sole entity responsible for operation and maintenance of the Macao Refuse Incineration Plant. As of 2010, Sinogal has partnered with ECOVE Environment Corporation in a joint venture to provide operation and maintenance services for the Macao Hazardous Waste Treatment Plant.

  • BoReTech Co., Limited
    BoReTech Co., Limited, established in 1991 in Taiwan and now based in Zhejiang Province, China, is a specialist with two decades of experience in the research, development and delivery of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and other plastic bottle recycling machinery, technology and processes. The company has 15 years experience in the production of polyester staple fiber, with extensive operations in Greater China and projects in 18 countries.