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  • 2020/01/15
    ECOVE Becomes the First Taiwanese Company to Join US-Based Green-e Energy Certification Program

    ECOVE Solar Energy Corp. announces that its Lumberton Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant (PVPP) in the USA is taking part in the Green-e Energy Certification Program. As a result, ECOVE becomes Taiwan’s first solar PV investing company participating in the international certification program, assisting ECOVE in improving the efficiency and quality of renewable energy, as well as increasing the company’s position in the green energy trading market through participation in the impartial third-party verification program.

    ECOVE possesses extensive experience in investment, development, construction, and operation of solar PVPPs in Taiwan and the US. Currently, all ECOVE’s solar-power plants have cumulatively generated about 130 million kWh of green electricity and reduced 73,000 metric tons of carbon emission. In the future, it will keep expanding businesses in renewable energy sectors and make contributions to the environmental protection.

    ECOVE’s Lumberton Solar Plant, the 3rd largest PVPP among Taiwan’s investments in the eastern US, occupies an area of 165,000 m2 in the state of New Jersey, and generates about 12,000 MWh of green energy annually, the RECs are also sold to SREC market. According to the ASSEMBLY RESOLUTION No. 249 of New Jersey Legislature, ECOVE’s Lumberton Solar Plant was introduced and praised as follows:

    In 2016, Taiwan G.D. Development Corporation (former name of ECOVE Solar Energy Corporation) completed the "Lumberton Solar Power Plant," generating 12,000 MWh of green energy and reducing 23,000 metric tons of carbon emission annually”. Lumberton Solar PVPP has contributed to the reduction of environmental warming since then. ( kindly refer to: https://legiscan.com/NJ/text/AR249/id/1621523).

    Green-e Energy is an independent third-party certification program for renewable energy around the world. All the requirements of the standard must be met before Green-e Energy is used for marketing by participants, including ECOVE. The US-based NGO Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) administers the Green-e program, which helps to increase the quality and transparency of renewable energy offered to consumers and businesses. Currently, more than half of renewable energy sales in the US voluntary market are verified and certified through CRS.

    CRS is promoting Green-e Energy certification program in Taiwan and developing the Green-e Renewable Energy Standard For Taiwan ROC. As Taiwan’s leading company in the Solar PV industry, ECOVE is approved by CRS to use the Green-e® Energy logo in the US; consequently, ECOVE will gladly shares its experience with other companies in the industry, and makes its contribution to building efficiency and quality into renewable energy services in coming days.