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ECOVE CEO Says Company Must Enhance Competitiveness via Fulfilling Brand Associations aside from perfecting corporate governance, ECOVE will expand its three core businesses, namely "Waste Management and Energy-from-Waste(EfW)," "Recycling and Reuse," and "Renewable Energy" with its brand associations of "Resource Cycling Efficiency," "Intelligent and Data

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Safety Breeds ECOVE's Operational Sustainability As a corporate citizen who fulfills its social responsibilities, ECOVE regards its employees as the Company's most valuable asset. We are "Responsible for taking care of employees and providing them with a 'safety' and 'reassuring' workplace."



ECOVE Develops Fumigation Management System to Improve Efficiency of Plant Quarantine ECOVE has fully integrated such advantages and applied them to other fields, including assisting agricultural authorities in conducting fumigation for quarantine purposes.

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ECOVE Becomes the First Taiwanese Company to Join US-Based Green-e® Energy Certification Program On Jan. 1, ECOVE Solar Energy Corp. announced that its Lumberton Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant (PVPP) in the USA is taking part in the Green-e® Energy Certification Program. As a result, ECOVE becomes Taiwan’s first solar PV investing company participating in the international certification program
ECOVE Obtains Photovoltaic Intelligent Building Certification from Kaohsiung City Gov’t 2019高雄市光電智慧建築標章認證12月20日公布評選結果,崑鼎(ECOVE)旗下子公司昱鼎(ECOVE Solar Energy Corp. )以高雄港第三貨櫃中心69倉庫及第四貨櫃中心119號倉庫等兩件專案得到標章肯定,獲頒光電標章認證。
ECOVE Delivers Speech on EfW Business to ADB’s Trash Treatment Seminar ECOVE is the largest environmental resource management company in Taiwan. Among the 24 EfW Plants in Taiwan, over 2/3 are managed by ECOVE providing services in Operations and Maintenance, Commissioning, Revamping and Overhaul, and Upgrade and Improve Systems and Equipment. ECOVE's successful exper
SINOGAL Joins " Walk for Millions 2019" Activity to Solicit Donations for Macau Charities SINOGAL-Waste Service Corporation, a joint venture of the industry-leading resource cycling services provider ECOVE, actively participated in community collaboration and made generous response to " Walk for Millions 2019" charity for funds. Peter Wang, now the president of SINOGAL, and colleagues to

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Editor’s Words ECOVE (TPEx: 6803) is now looking forward to its 10th anniversary for being a listed company at over-the-counter market. In the “Outlook” column of this issue, Mr. J. J. Liao, the Chairman of ECOVE, talks about how ECOVE focuses its brand associations to enhance...